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Posted by admin On April - 6 - 2010

It is now after Easter and I have spent a very productive weekend on the island of Grenada.  I knew I would be in good hands there when, upon arrival, the air traffic controller wished me a pleasant stay in her country.  What a difference a warm welcome can make.  Within ten minutes my aeroplane was secured and I had cleared immigrations and customs and was on my way to town.

Like Trinidad, this country is very hot and very dry.  Despite suffering tremendously from hurricane Ivan in 2004 and hurricane Emily in 2005, the country looked very neat and well kept.  The people I met in town matched the welcome that I received at the airport.  Since many tourist come here, they are used to providing a high level of service and comfort.  What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was the further welcome I was about to receive.

After speaking with the media and Simon Andrew, a friend to the people of Kosovo,  a meeting was organized with Mr. Peter David, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.  This particular meeting would prove to be very memorable as it happened on Easter and Mr. David was so kind as to welcome me into his father’s home to spend the holiday with his extended family.  An added bonus was that the Minister of Tourism was there as well.  Words cannot express how honored I am to have spent this Easter in the presence of such a warm and welcoming family.  Grenada has won my heart over and I will always be filled with gratitude for the treatment that I received there.  This country has truly reminded me of how we as humans should treat each other and the great things that can happen when we do.

On the business side, Minister David promised that he will do everything possible to make sure that the topic of Kosovo’s independence will rise to the top of the agenda.  Again, I can’t thank this country and it’s people enough for all of the opened doors that they have shown me.

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