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Stuck in Egypt

Posted by flyingforkosovo On September - 30 - 2012

Due to engine problems, I’m stuck in northern coast of Egypt for 4 days now. The new engine that we installed 2 months ago in Sudan is not performing well despite of the numerous inspections and repairs conducted by authorised technicians . The maintenance and airport costs since the relaunch of the mission in July have been extremely high. I’m very thankful to the people in Kosova and diaspora for their donations so far but they are not covering up the cost of the mission. Our final milestone in Africa mission is to bring the aircraft back home safe. Although the accomplishment of Mission Africa  seems harder than we had initially planned, I absolutely believe that  together we will manage this task. I will keep on informed. Yours, James

Press Release

Posted by admin On February - 28 - 2009


James Berisha behind the controls of a Learjet which he flies for Sierra West Airlines

James Berisha behind the controls of a Learjet which he flies for Sierra West Airlines

El Paso, Texas, USA, 02/19/2009 – An El Paso resident and native Kosovo pilot is planning to fly throughout all of Central and South America in order to encourage recognition of Kosovo’s newfound independence from Serbia in a trip planned for late March.
James Berisha, 37, of Pristina, Kosovo, ( is planning to depart in his single engine plane from El Paso, TX in late March to more than 30 countries to rally support for newly independent Kosovo which officially became an independent country in February of 2008. Berisha, now an accomplished airline pilot, has made similar flights after graduating Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida.

To gain flight hours, Berisha made a more than seventy hour flight from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Skopje, Macedonia. This time he is not in need of flight hours, instead he is funding his journey out of pocket so that he may talk to the people of South America and encourage them to recognize Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

“I will thank those countries who have already recognized us, I will tell the others how important it is for Kosovo to be recognized worldwide, and I will try to end racial stereotypes that belittle our people,” said Berisha about his upcoming journey.

Kosovo has been recognized by 55 out of the 192 UN member states as of the date of this publication.

Mr. Berisha and former president Bill Clinton

Mr. Berisha and former president Bill Clinton.

James Berisha
Flying for Kosovo