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Recognize Kosovo's Independence!

Republic of El Salvador has recognized Kosovo’s independence !!

Republic of El Salvador has recognized Kosovo’s independence !! We thank the people of Grenada for their friendship and their support for recognition of the independence of Kosovo. THANK YOU EL SALVADOR!! James’s visit in El Salvador Tweet

Republic of Grenada has recognized Kosovo’s independence !!

Republic of Grenada has recognized Kosovo’s independence !! We thank the people of Grenada for their friendship and their support for recognition of the independence of Kosovo. THANK YOU GRENADA !! James’s visit in Grenada Tweet

Republic of Egypt has recognized Kosovo’s independence !!

Republic of Egypt has recognized Kosovo’s independence !! We thank the people of Egypt for their friendship and their support for recognition of the independence of Kosovo. Thank you !!   !!   James’s visit in Egypt Tweet


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I have to admit something to you all: I just don’t like flying anymore on a single engine airplane over open water but, I guess the love for your country is bigger than I thought.  Anyway, I will be over land for a long period of time now.  Flight to Tunisia went well over 3 hours with lots of headwind, which kept me standing still over water much longer than I would have liked.  But now that I am on the African continent, I must admit it feels amazing…   After Africa, the only continent... more


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James is currently in Malta.  Today he had several interviews for local newspapers and will soon depart for Africa. He is awaiting the landing permit for Tunisia, which will be his next destination. James still needs your help and support for the fulfillment of this very important initiative!  Show your support and become a part of lobbying for Kosovo! James has made it to Malta after five very difficult, long and expensive days in Greece.  He was able to get one newspaper interview in Greece,... more


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Hello everyone, Greece.  The very first country to visit after leaving my comfort zone of being at home with my family and my people.  What a beautiful country with lots of great history.  I would like to visit here again in the future, although it is a very expensive country. Luckily, the people are very nice and are customer-care oriented. Unfortunately, their services end up costing you an arm and a leg.  I had to pay $5 for a cup of hot chocolate – the most I’ve ever paid in my life! ... more

Africa, here we come!

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Dear Friends and supporters of our mission Flying For Kosovo: One more time I have decided to continue our mission – this time to the African continent. This portion of our mission is the largest yet and will likely be the most challenging, since there are 56 countries lined up on the agenda. It has been a great joy to have all of you around, giving your continued support. The great energy that you transmit has kept me going during my hardest times.  I have learned so much from each of you... more

Flying for Kosovo prepares for Africa

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James has been busy meeting with several municipalities within Kosovo lately.  However, he has made it back to the states and is currently in the process of gaining visas for further travels to the African continent. Flying for Kosovo has made such a huge impact that there is strong support for continuation of the journey.  Our new goal is to visit the 54 countries of Africa. Stay tuned… Tweet  Read More →

Reflections upon my return to Kosovo…

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My dear friends and loved ones, wherever you might be: The end of a small chapter of our history has arrived.  We should all be very proud. The countless moral and financial contributions that you have all sacrificed and given me have made this mission not only possible, but all of the many times that you have supported me along the way have made our mission a success. You have all become part of my family and have been there during some of the hardest times of my life.  Without your support, many... more

James is now on Facebook

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Don’t forget to check out what’s going on on Facebook. There are lots of pictures from recent activities in Kosovo. Join our group. Tweet  Read More →

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BBC article describes Flying for Kosovo

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Though James recently arrived in Pristina, he has been extremely busy meeting with local media and several other people – though he promised to update us again soon. In the meantime, I’ve added some posts from the second phase of the mission (Mexico to Chile), though you may have to go back a few pages to find them. Finally, Mr. Nester Phillip from The Chronicle in Dominica has been kind enough to share an audio interview that he did with James while he was visiting that country.  I... more

Lausanne, Switzerland

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By far the best organized welcoming has been here Lausanne, Switzerland.  I guess it is fitting since this is the place where I first started down my path as a pilot.  Aside from my young life in Kosovo, it is Lausanne that I consider as the place that has made me who I am today. Our great friend Tom Duhani from Detroit had organized a wonderful homecoming with our Ambassador Naim Malaj and all the diaspora. More than thirty people were present and I am very grateful that the airport officials... more

PILOT TO FLY THROUGHOUT ALL CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA IN SUPPORT OF KOSOVO’S INDEPENDENCE James Berisha behind the controls of a Learjet which he flies for Sierra West Airlines El Paso, Texas, USA, 02/19/2009 – An El Paso resident and native Kosovo pilot is planning to fly throughout all of Central and South America in order to encourage recognition of Kosovo’s newfound independence from Serbia in a trip planned for late March. James Berisha, 37, of Pristina, Kosovo, ( more

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