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James is free at last!!!

Posted by admin On January - 18 - 2012

Five months after  James’ disappearance in Eritrea, we are very happy to announce that we have spoken with James on the phone and he is doing well. James will be flying from Istanbul, and arriving in Kosovo tomorrow at around 11 ~ 12 at the Prishtina International Airport.

James is astonished with his release. “I am happy that I am returning alive to my homeland” he said, and complained about the harsh conditions in the prison where “the days in the African country felt like years”

“I would be very happy to see all free loving individuals at the airport, and I invite you all to come” James said.


13 Responses to “James is free at last!!!”

  1. Besi says:

    Mir se erdhe vlla.
    U gezova shum kur e ndegjova ket lajm.
    Te deshiroj te gjitha te mirat, ty dhe familjes tend.
    Kalofshit sa ma bukur.

    Ti je nje hero i kosoves

  2. Ardian says:

    Lajmi me I mire I ketij viti, shume pak shqiptare bejne sakrifica si James per Kosoven! Rruge te mbare!

  3. Good luck! glad to see you escaped!

  4. Arion says:

    Lajm shume shume i gezueshem per te gjithe shqiptaret. Te deshiroj shendet, suksese edhe lumturi ne jete, James! Jemi krenar me ty!

  5. ibrahim says:

    im more than happy when i get the breaking news from velush that you have been release hope u are in better condition

  6. Anna says:

    Zim…so glad to hear of your release!

  7. Kamal omer says:

    Dear cap.James thanks God you back home ,we wish to see you soon in Sudan ,and welcome back to second home.Eng. Kamal omer

  8. Garrick says:

    Zim!!!! So glad you are safe! Would be great to talk with you when you get a chance. The Alaskan Brotherhood of Bush Pilots have been plotting a way to break you out! Ha! Guess we don’t have to now….be good.

  9. erin says:

    We miss you, call us asap!!!!!!!!

  10. Meagan says:

    Hi zim,
    Its me meagan garricks daughter I’ve been praying for you… Im so glad your out of jail and safe. I miss you & You need to come down here and visit we all miss you. Im still going to pray for you every night… Ive been crying for months since I heard you were in jail. Its a miracle that you got out, all thanks to god & the people that helped you get out. I love you zim. I wish you and me could have fun like we used to and catch flies and go flying I miss those days. Well we all love you and you will be in my dreams forever now. Be safe and dont get into any more trouble while your gone on your journey’s. I hope you can visit soon.

  11. Phillip says:

    Yes, thanks God u’re safe at home. Congratulations.

  12. meagan says:

    Hi zim. I heard your voice mail to my dad. I hope you can call soon cause i really miss you and i want to talk to you. Now i know its true that you got out and im so happy. Please visit soon we all miss you bery much. My dad says he will try and call you back he just didnt uear the phone ring cause he has been working up in my room. Call us as soon as you can. I love you and you will be in my prayers and dont get into anymore trouble befor you come and visit.

  13. Stephen Chimazuru Nwaukwa says:

    Hello ,

    James you are really doing a great job, We recognice your country as an independent nation in Nigeria.



    Stephen Chimazuru Nwaukwa

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