Flying for Kosovo

Recognize Kosovo's Independence!

Current Location

Posted by admin On September - 1 - 2009

James is currently in Georgetown, Guyana

We look forward to spreading the word about Kosovo’s independence here!

Flying for Kosovo

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  1. Naser Grajcevci says:

    When James starts his flights you can use to set up on your web sit and track his position by just entering the Tail#. So this way all of us know where he is at on his jurney.

    Thanks Naser Grajcevci

  2. Ian, Wales, UK says:

    I think the main success will be found in the small Caribbean countries. Good luck!

  3. alberto says:

    welcome to Torreon,

    espero que hallas disfrutado de la bella comarca lagunera, y tu estadia halla sido placentera, te deseo suerte en tu proyecto yque se reconosca kosovo como país, por México y el mundo

    Viva México, Viva Torreón, viva Kosovo!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Esperanza says:

    Que interesante viaje, sin duda un ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer con pasion …felicidades al igual que a tu tripulacion !Que valientes! Francisco…buen trabajo!

  5. Sokol says:

    We all have our ways of expressing our appreciation for good deeds. Little things matter, especially when they come from the heart! God bless you! Rrofte kombi shqiptar! God bless America! AA (Albanian & American!

  6. Gloria says:

    James, Luz and Francisco:
    We are really proud of you, James thanks for this opportunity to Francisco. A lot of people from Mexico, Central and South America are going to recognize Kosovo, your passion and love four the kosovars and your country!!!!
    God bless you!!!!!!
    Francisco, we loved you !!!

  7. Pepe Zambrano says:

    James,fue un placer conocerte junto con tu team sigue remontando los cielos creo Zacatecas reconocio tu objetivo…no desistas!el mundo debe cambiar su imparable y destructivo frenesi falto de valores y materialismo vano ……Kosovo existe lo vas a lograr suerte y cielos azules! Cap.Pepe Zambrano lear 25

  8. Eremira says:

    Hi guys

    What you are doing is really wonderful! You have all the albanians in the world supporting you.

    I was looking at the flight map, too bad you won’t land in Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil and Porto Alegre, RS Brazil- there are many Kosovo loving people there. There are some Brazilian politicians lobbying in our behalf there as well.

    For sure you own a place in our history and you will be remembered for a long time!

    God bless your trip!

  9. Fadili says:

    Bravo shum suksese edhe fat

  10. alban says:

    Gracias amigos latinos. God bless america latina. God bless Albania. God bless Kosova.

  11. alban says:

    Gracias amigos latinos. God bless america latina. God bless Albania. God bless Kosova. God bless amogos latinos.

  12. KOSOVA says:


  13. Julio says:

    SKY Team
    Son Gente de Cambio, pasaran a la historia de KOSOVO.
    Ya no falta nada, solo continuar. al final KOSOVO sera un pais reconocido

  14. Sookie says:

    Hey Sir. Berisha,

    You are a real hero. May God bless you and your family.
    Hope new recognitions will come soon.

  15. Tina says:

    Zoti dhe paqja qofte me ty,je nderi i kombit tone z.Berisha,ti na jep frymezim shpirtin tone shqiptar per te ecur perpara.
    Te uroj gjithe te mirat.

  16. Prizreni says:

    Vetëm vazhdo…Këtu në Kosovë të gjith jan të mahnitur me veprimet tuja.
    God Bless You And People Who Love KOSOVO.

  17. Alban says:

    Pershendetje z. Berisha,

    Te pergezoj per iniciativen tuaj. Pa dyshim se cdo njeri liridashes vlereson me admirim kete gje.

    Ju uroj shendet e pune te mbare!
    Zoti e bekofte udhetimin tuaj!

  18. Gzim Kabashi says:

    I nderuari zotëri James Berisha

    Vetëm ideja vetë është e madhërishme e ju që e bëni është mahnitëse dhe shpresë për ne Shqipëtaret kudo që jemi në rruzullin toksorë.
    Fluturimin tënd,si Shqiponje,ty dhe familjen tënde zoti e bekoftë.
    Shembulli yt të jet mësim për të gjith ne se asgjë nuk është e pa mundur.

    Përshendetje prej familjes Kabashi nga Zvicrra.

    Edhe një here Zoti te bekoftë ty me familje

  19. Chief pilot Philip Shryack says:

    Keep up the good work,we are all counting on you!!!!!!!!

  20. Jeton says:

    Idea juaj se edhe permes fluturimit mund jepet kontribut ne njohe te reja te Pavaresise, eshte e pazevendesueshme !

    Good luck on your Journey…!

  21. Jeton S says:

    Z. Berisha

    All of us, ethnic Albanians from The Republic of Macedonia wish you all the success. Go, go, go………

  22. Orhan O says:

    Enough encouraging words .. they need money … Mjaft me fjale te embla, kjo pune do para .. derdhni ne xhirollogari para per ndihme ketij projekti

  23. Inly A says:

    Dominican Republic has recognized Kosova as a free country!!Finally my government has accepted you!! Congratulations! Urime!!

  24. Dirk Michael Schwarz says:

    Hi James, cool Website! See you later in the Hotel!

  25. maximo says:

    hey james, its nice to get to know from you and your history, how long you ll be staying here in buenos aires?? will you give any speaches?

    greetings and good luck!!

  26. Carolina says:

    Hello Mr. Berisha

    I really admire you for what you are doing. Yo surelly are a real hero of Kosovo and I hope all the world will recognize your country as a free and independance country. Kosovo really deserve it.
    I hope Argentina had welcome you as you really deserve.
    I will continue my prays for you, your family and all the people in Kosovo.
    My best wishes,

    Buenos Aires

  27. Nidia Benitez says:

    Mr. Berisha,
    Knowing you has been one of the most inspirational experiences of my life. Seeing how you struggle for an ideal, and how you try to make things better for your country even though you do so on your own, has shown me that when one knows what they want they should fight for it without letting anything bring them down. I truly hope you succeed, for yours is a fair cause. Long live Kosovo!

    Nidia Benítez

  28. Somalilander says:

    Dear James,

    Welcome to Somaliland, a brother nation for Kosovo in the Horn of Africa.
    We wish you success and for all Kosovo people.

    Next time, we hope to welcome you with Kosovo recognized :-)

    From Hargeisa,
    The capital of De Facto State, Somaliland

  29. Kamal omer says:

    Dear Cap.James as you do it for your country God will help you.

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