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Posted by flyingforkosovo On September - 5 - 2011

After the hard work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, institutions of Albania and many international institutions, it was proven that James Berisha is currently in Eritrea. James Berisha is being held in a detention center, no charges has been filed against him and the reasons of his detention remain unclear.

Many people are working intensively on his release and we are expecting James Berisha to return to Kosovo very soon.
We are using this opportunity to thank tall those wonderful people how have been committed to finding James Berisha.

Pas punës së palodhshme të Ministrisë së Punëve të Jashtme të Kosovës, Institucioneve të Shqipërisë dhe institucioneve te shumta ndërkombëtare, është vërtetuar fakti që James Berisha gjendet në shtetin e Eritreas. James Berisha mometalisht gjendet në një qendër paraburgimi, ende nuk është ngritur asnjë akuzë kundër tij dhe ende janë të paqarta arsyet e mbajtjes së tij.

Shumë njerëz po punojnë intenzivisht në lirimin e tij dhe presim që shumë shpejt James Berisha të kthehet në Kosovë.
Me këtë rast i falendërojmë përzemërsisht të gjithë ata njerëz të mrekullueshëm që janë angazhuar në gjetjen e James Berishës.

8 Responses to “Latest updates”

  1. Dill says:


  2. Adem says:

    Inshallah regullohet cdo gje.Te kota jane kto provokime,mos u ndalni ne fund.Tung nga shkupi

  3. Jean-Philippe van Nyen says:

    Good to know that James has been located, even he doesn’t come back immediately it is a relief to know where he is ! Congratulations to those who found him & please give us update news. Jean-Philippe (São Tomé)

  4. Robertina says:

    Bleib’ stark .. wir denken an Dich!

  5. Sam says:

    There is a concern now that Eritrean authorities are saying they have captured foreigners trying to infiltrate to the country in the name of “Amnesty International” to help incite a revolution the same one like Egypt and Tunisia.

    My opinion is,may be Berisha is one of them. They have said the are going to release the full details in a few days time and by then we will know the full story.

    God forbid!

  6. admin says:

    I have seen that article and responded appropriately. As a member of the Flying for Kosovo team for two years now, I can assure ANYone that Mr. Berisha is NOT!!!! a part of the ‘Amnesty mission’…. there would be no reason for him to engage in such activities. Further, his focus remains on Kosovo: educating the world about it, building diplomatic relations with more and more countries and building worldwide support for its new-found independence… Rumors that James is a part of some other group and/or focus are simply not true.

    Unfortunately, it seems that James had extremely bad timing upon his visit to Eritrea, but if you look at the history of our mission, you will see that his visit to Eritrea is not unlike every other African (Central and South American) country that he has visited. He is single-handedly lobbying for Kosovo around the world.

  7. Melek Lakdar Tunisia says:

    I Would like to know if he is free now. I”m tunisian journalist and i did interview with him since october 2010 and i would like to know if he’s quiet and good now
    think u :)

  8. mohamed says:

    does any one knows whereabouts James plz.

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