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Posted by admin On May - 30 - 2011

During his flight from Port Sudan to Khartoum, Sudan, James had an accident with the plane.  After leaving Port Sudan around 2:00pm local time, he started having problems with the plane about one hour and twenty minutes into his journey.  At 8500 feet, he suddenly heard a very loud explosion and a few seconds later began to experience all kinds of shaking, noises, vibrations, etc.  As it turns out, the first cylinder on the right side of the airplane engine broke in two places, which prevented the supply AVGAS to the engine. For the next 15 minutes James flew the plane without engine, trying to coast like a bird towards the nearest flatland.   He managed to find a heaven-sent road nearby to land on as he used his radio to call out for help to any other pilot in the nearby sky.  Luckily James was able to contact a pilot of an aircraft  flying at 37,000 feet altitude.  That pilot graciously relayed the news to Khartoum air traffic controllers, along with the exact coordinates of his whereabouts, time on the ground, etc. so that a search and rescue team could be formed to go and search for him.

James had many difficulties landing in the middle of the desert, and the plane is badly damaged. For nearly an hour and a half,  James did not know whether he would survive the in the desert or if he would be found.  Luckily he was not injured in the crash, however he had been without water since leaving the previous airport.  In the heat of the desert, dehydration can set in very quickly.   Thanks to god that a local family eventually drove by and spotted him.  The first thing he asked for was water to drink.  The family graciously offered him water and contacted the managers of the local Hassai goldmine.

In less than an hour, a team of thirty people arrived to help James.  One of those people was a very honorable man, Mr. Denis Baillargeon (see our post ‘acknowledgements and pictures from Sudan’ for more information on the generosity of this very kind man).  Along with the group of managers from Hassai, there were security people, mine workers and police who accompanied them.  With a team that large, the plane was able to be secured fairly quickly and the police began their investigation immediately.  Three security personnel offered to guard our baby plane for the next three days during the police investigation.  During the heat and desert conditions, our plane was safe and secure as Mr. Baillargeon took James under his care, brought him back to Hassai mine and offered him food, water, a place to stay, etc.  Please see our future posts about the further hospitality that this esteemed man offered our dear James.


25 Responses to “JAMES HAD AN ACCIDENT!”

  1. agron says:

    James, we pray for you. Hope you will be fine and you will continue your flying!

  2. Laurie says:

    Please tell us how we can help. Does he need money, government intervention? Please give us more info about how we can help. Has anyone spoken to him? Is he injured?

  3. Sabit Gashi says:

    Xhems i dashur,
    Heronjtë e lartësive çdoherë synojnë katet e qiellit. Ti nuk kurseje asgjë sepse e bëje këtë për Kosovën, dhe atë në një mënyrë ekzemplare.Kosova ka nevojë për ekzemplarë të tillë…
    I wish you blue sky !
    Meteorolog i Aviacionit

  4. ilir says:

    A mund te jeni pak ma transparent? Pse nuk na tregoni nese James ashtu lendue ose jo? Kjo eshte ma e randsishmja, te tjerat s’kane shum randsi.

  5. Fatos says:

    I wish you health and hope that you will be better and continue your mission.

  6. James, me ty jemi krejt. Misioni vazhdon

  7. Bekim says:

    James, you’re a real hero. Kosova is proud to have you. I hope you’ll be fully recovered and be back to your big mission.

  8. Artan says:

    I will be praying for you James. Hang in tight captain, so many people know of you, and you won’t be left alone.

  9. Lorik says:

    Someone should get in touch with Kosovo Albanian UN employees in Sudan. There are at least 25 of them. I dont know any but getting in touch with them will help!

  10. Toni says:

    I will pray for you you are a hero james god save james

  11. Arsim says:

    Your mission is to be here is good and hope to spend even as I enjoyed the challenge and other challenges.

  12. Nora says:

    Does somebody have any recent information about Mr. James whereabouts? Is he still in the deserts of Sudan? If we have more information maybe we could find someone to help him!

  13. Fadil says:

    How can Rotaract Illyrian help our great friend?
    What can and should we do for James?
    Our thoughts and harts are with you James!

  14. Rijad says:

    I respektuari xhejms luteme per ty…

  15. Lia says:

    I just read in newspaper, the comments of two Kosovars who are in Khartoom. James Berisha has only few light injuries and is still at that mine. He is currently trying to arrange transportation for his airplane from the accident place to the airport for repairs. He still doesn’t know the extent of the airplane damage.

  16. A says:

    Hi Lia,
    Am one of the Kosovars from Sudan who is in contact with James. James has no injuries and is just fine. He is also in the safe area.

  17. Bashkim says:

    We are in constant contact with James. He is safe and he has no injuries as he laded succesfully.
    There is currently an ongoing accident investigation and after that must also conduct damage inspection to the aircraft.
    Please distribute this information, as we can see there is many unclear news on the web.
    Will inform you about all new developments.
    Albanians in Sudan

  18. Gratien says:

    Thank U God for James’ safety! James you are not walking alone. We Rwandans still think about you. You are a brave man and God will help and protect you in the whole mission.

  19. Brian says:

    Glory to God that James is alive and we pray that the plane gets back on route. We pray for you James as well as the mission.

  20. Melody says:

    Thats so bad…Get well soon. JAMES

  21. mohamed says:

    does any one knows whereabouts James plz,i hope he is doing well

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